Monday, May 23, 2016

JDBC connection throws ORA-01489 error when querying

Even though article "ORA-01489 When Running Query" in My Oracle Support document 2141406.1 is about JDBC, the underlying issue is likely one you could see outside of a JDBC environment so take a moment to read up on this error and find out why it is happening!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Weekend Learning: Configuring the Workflow Mailer for a Proxy Server

On Oracle EBS R12.1.3 you can follow the MOS document "How To Configure the Mailer to Connect To a Proxy Server" via article ID 2139133.1 and even if you do not plan on changing your configuration you may want to see what is required.  This article even has reference to the additional step required if you have moved on to R12.2 and want to do this!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Weekend Learning: Transparent Data Encryption and Disaster Recovery

Want to learn more about Transparent Data Encryption?  How about what you need to know if you are using it in a Disaster Recovery situation?  Look no further than Lukasz Feldman's post on LinkedIn!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Corruption in TEMP tablespace on RAC system

There is a bug where if parallelism is turned on you could encounter the scenario described in "ORA-01578 in temp tablespace on RAC" from My Oracle Support document ID 2140124.1 across the nodes so really your only options are to turn parallelism off entirely!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

11i Assets: Rolling back a journal entry fails due to batch status

If you are still on 11.5.9 or even you will want to read the MOS note "Rollback Journal Entries Fails with Journal Entry Status Message" from article ID 452583.1 to learn why you cannot roll the journal entry back and the simple action you can take to get around this error message.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

12c: KGLH0 process is causing Shared Pool ORA-04031 errors and latch contention

Are you looking to upgrade your Oracle database to soon?  You might want to read "Bug 20370037 - Shared Pool from KGLH0 constantly growing causing ORA-04031 and Latch contention" from MOS note 2119923.1 because there seems to be several well known bugs with the KGLH0 process and this document has steps for different ways to mitigate this.  What does that mean?  If there are a lot of ways to encounter this in the system, then you need to prepare for encountering it so deploy the upgrade in QA and stress test to see if you run into this!!

Monday, May 16, 2016

R12.1.3 Payables: Invoice Validation program has performance issue

For the article "R12: AP: Invoice Validation program (APPRVL): Performance Issue - Insufficient Parameters" on My Oracle Support via document ID 2138625.1 you need to read up on the attached bug as well since it appears this dynamic query is actually being designed to run for an excessive amount of time if you do not provide an invoice date range.  That means that just entering an Operating Unit parameter does not actually limit the query as much as you would think, and Oracle Development has closed the bug as "not a bug" even though it really sounds like a bug!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Hyperion Essbase: Setup for automatically disconnecting users

Sometimes I post about things for your toolbox, and other times I post about investigating your own setup; and sometimes I post something from both columns like tonight!  Do you know how long users can be connected to your Essbase server?  If you read the MOS article "Specify when Users are Automatically Disconnected from an Essbase Server" from note 1054448.1 you will AND you will learn how to tell when running with Shared Services too!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

R12.2 Procurement: How to replace seeded FAQ

Check out MOS document ID 2132795.1 for "How can we replace seeded FAQs in iProcurement home page in Purchasing News Section with Business specific FAQs." for the official Oracle documentation on how to customize the PORFAQSS.htm file to fit your needs!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Linux OS: Logwatch crontab is sending several e-mails per day instead of one

If you are on a Linux OS then make sure that you check out the article "Crontab Called Logwatch Sends More Email Then Expected" on My Oracle Support via note ID 2114498.1 because there is a very simple reason this is happening and can be easily rectified!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Windows Vista: Support ends in April 2017

You should be aware that product lifecycles which Oracle does not directly control CAN impact support for Oracle products.  In this case, Microsoft has set the end of life for Windows Vista to be April 2017 and that means that Oracle will be supporting the EBS product from a historical perspective so you need to get off that product and onto newer Windows platforms which are currently slated to be supported past April 2017.

Monday, May 9, 2016

State of the Blog!

Hi everybody!  After a not so short break I am going to work towards getting back in the groove of posting on a more regular basis, starting with another State of the Union-type post to review where I am today compared to the previous post around 2 1/2 years ago and what I want to be doing with the blog in general!

A few years ago I was excited by hitting 5,500 total views and now I am 90,000 views past that and almost at 100,000 in total!  That boggles my mind and amazing that I have put up another 700 posts to be getting close to 1,000 total posts and that is something I never thought I would be saying when starting the blog.  The stats of the views and posts here just highlight what I have been doing, but do not focus on the future and that is what I need to refocus on going forward!

The mission of the blog going forward is to deliver knowledge for Oracle e-Business Suite applications on a regular basis for SysAdmins in the Application Support and Operations space.  It seems like a simple mission statement, but now I need to go a step further and outline for myself what that means and how I can deliver on it.  Those are the types of things I have been noodling on for the past few weeks, but I have realized that I cannot stop posting while I try to align the future of the blog, so be on the lookout for changes over the next few months!!

Friday, April 15, 2016


OAUG Database SIG Meeting - Various

Bylaws came up and were ratified and then the other 45 minutes were talking about issues like licensing around In-Memory and an idea to have Oracle give out free passes for the option to see if it works for customers.
Make sure to sign up on the SIG website if you want to get on the mailing list!

Perl - A DBA and Developers Best Friend - Arjen Visser - founder of

Awk didn't have what he wanted so he created his own programming language! - Perl app store
Interpreted - not compiled, get under the hood!
Cryptic, hard to master (true for most languages), doesn't have parameters (can get around this), doesn't look pretty GUI!
Use it for shell programming, probably not a new FB app.
Perl motto: there's more than one way to do it
Ten slides in 20 minutes to teach us the basics of Perl, and I think he did it!  I really got a lot out of this session and look to take it back with me to work as a new tool in my toolbox!
CPAN module File::Spec makes perl portable
Programming Perl by Larry Wall is the book Arjen used to learn and is highly recommended as Mr. Wall invented Perl!! - Base code for our homework! is the resource you need to know!

Near Zero Downtime Upgrades - Thomas Meeks @Oracle

I LEFT!!!  Why?  Because the session details indicated that this was going to focus on GoldenGate technology but the title slide said it was focused on backup strategy for JD Edwards which we do not have!

IoT Use Cases for Oracle E Business Suite - Samir Rathore w/Hitachi

Industry 4.0 - connecting physical to digital!
IoT is the transformational interconnection of devices and sensors.
Consumer IoT and Industrial IoT but the impact of IIoT is far more than CIoT.
Major obstacle of IoT is the amount of data involved!
IoT- IT disconnect - there were some slides from Oracle on this which seemed odd but were pretty useful to help get the point across!
What is happening in the middle?  Contextualization, filtering, action -comes from business analyst.
Use cases - operation management improvements, asset and material tracking, equipment condition based Preventative maintenance, real time asset health monitoring, procurement automation - these were pretty clear and had good examples!
Smart Logistics & Asset Management Solution from Oracle and Hitachi
EBS is in the Cloud!  This seemed to surprise him, but I am not that surprised and I do not know why as I assumed it was already there!

Formula One Performance on Exadata - Gold Standards & Best Practices, Tips & Tricks - @JimTheWhyGuy & @ExaOracleTariq

Oracle Problem Solving and Troubleshooting Handbook - an upcoming book that I think I will be ordering! - go sign up if you are interested!
Performance tuning approaches - TOP DOWN vs. BOTTOM UP, evaluate approach, most cases a hybrid approach works best!
Tune the waits!  The three As of tuning AWR, ASH, ADDM!
Use both moving and static baselines.
Keep copies of key files.
Track changes - Resource Manager/IORM can make or break your system!
TFA - what's that?  Packages up info to Oracle and supersedes ExaWatcher/RACchk
Use small page cache
1070954.1 exachk can be run via daemon!
Use Real Application Testing to destruction - find out how much your system can take!
Tablespaces should be auto allocated
Power, partitioning, parallelization - The three Ps of Oracle performance!
Use VARCHAR2 instead of CHAR.
LONG datatype is NOT supported by HCC!
Keep optimizer statistics fresh!
cell single block physical reads - this wait event is similar to db file sequential reads on non-Exadata systems.
Set PARALLEL on tables to force Smart Scans for large tables!
Global Hash Partitioned Indexes - need to look into this!
Storage indexes - on storage cells!
There is a v$ table for what is offloadable so need to find it!
Make indexes invisible to see how performance changes before removing - great story!
Can usually get rid of 30-40% of indexes in Exadata but not blindly.
INTERdatabase RM - Instance Caging, IORM, DBRM
INTRA - IORM, DBRM, Quality of Service, Parallel, Statement Quering

Thursday, April 14, 2016


OAUG E-Business Applications Technology Stack SIG Meeting - Various +
Kevin Hudson, Elke Phelps and Steven Chan were part of the panel from Oracle! - Here is the website for the SIG and it should have the presentation uploaded!
WebLogic is made up of the following components: Node Manager, Domain, Administration Server, Managed Server, Deployments
New structure to find the log files that you need to know!
Change of the Node Manager and Admin passwords - done during install of R12.2, console (not recommended).
After using FNDCPASS/AFPASSWD you need to change password in WLS Datasource, or
Elke Phelps said that AFPASSWD is recommended and the utilities use different encryption algorithms.
Be familiar with the AD scripts for managing WebLogic!
AppsDBA needs to know WebLogic pwd, could be an issue for SOX compliance.
Oracle working to make AutoConfig, other things, easier to manage for DBAs!
Read the Concepts Guide, and ALL the other Guides too - DO NOT SKIM THEM!!
100s of SRs per early adopter for R12.2, many bad SRs were put in by experienced DBAs that didn't read the new Guides and assumed they knew how to do it because they have been doing it for 20 years!
Does the R12.2.4 apps password change use FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD?  The panel did not know, but Elke will give us the information so stay tuned!
Soon to be Java 1.9, but that could be next year kind of soon.
Security, stability, performance in _0 Java releases, major releases give new features.
New tech in the labs to replace JRE because of Chrome, Windows 10, and soon Mozilla due to the core APIs they use, so there is a "Java webstart" being tested - will be a minimum version required!
Is webstart going to be installed on the desktop like J-Init?  No!
Query the certified database, let Steven know if not in there!
Don't need to uncompress before upgrading!

OAUG Upgrade SIG Meeting - Various (and Me!)

I am now the Program Director for the SIG - Yay a promotion (I thought I was the Secretary!)
12.1.3 fees waived for Extended support until 2019, but Extended means there is no obligation from Oracle to certify new platforms.
12.2 Premier until 2021, no Extended planned!
Do I have to enable EBR for my 3rd party schema?  No, BUT it may need to be EBR aware!
There was a bit more covered here, but I'm going to make you join the LinkedIn group to get it later!  :}

Ready to Start a BLOG? - @erik_benner

Look at comment choices - His opinion is moderating comments, which is kind of opposite from what Craig said the other day.
3-400 hits a day is normal for him!
If it is a chore, you'll stop - I can attest to that!
What do I blog about?
Be positive - great, and overlooked, tip!
Do you need a domain?  Should I use a blog hosting company?
Good blogging habits: formatting, edit your screen shots, be focused - can always be multi-part, read your comments, take your time, have fun!
Editors to blog with online?  Online, built into the blog engine, offline no blogging for you!
Editors to blog with offline?  Microsoft Live Writer!  This was awesome to see in action AND he showed the connection options and it hooks into Blogger/Blogspot!
Maximizing SEO - Yoast SEO plugin for WP & Google Analytics - entry page, what people are searching for - Both of these are making me rethink my previous choices and how to maximize what I can do going forward.

Oaktable World: Performance Feature Enhancements in Enterprise Manager 13c with DB12c - @DBAKelvar - Kellyn Pot'Vin-Gorman

AWR/ASH architecture review
rdbms/admin/awrrpt.sql, ashrpt.sql, awrsqlrpt.sql, awrinfo.sql, awrddrpt.sql, awrgrpt.sql
Do not mess with underscore parameters!
In-Memory support, like with SQL Monitor reports, AWR
OEM can run on iPad now that it doesn't run on Flash!
Average Active Sessions - new ASH Analytics!
Top ADDR findings now in ASH.
Top TEN foreground now instead of 5, CPU should be on top…to a point…
IO profile
New sections - GoldenGate, Xstreams, Resource Stats
Wait event alert 10 min sample, then example to show slices of CPU use - great example and along the lines of my hourly wait event script!
SQL Monitor, is it done yet? Did it use parallel? What important data do we know?
Exadata shows offload percentage, In-Memory info too if on

EBS 12.2.x – Deep Dive into Online Patching Feature - @kaiglittenberg

Adop cycle - Prepare, Apply, Finalize, Cutover (users offline), Cleanup - users online during 4 phases!
EBR is one of the most important parts of R12.2!
Run Edition VIEW and Patch Edition VIEW - need to change development.
DBA_OBJECTS_AE / DBA_SOURCE_AE - all editions view with column edition_name
2 adop phase=prepare phases because 2nd one applies what was patched to the 1st file system.
Make adop work faster with workers=20, if you don't put in cm_wait=10 for cutover phase the CM will come down immediately, and don't use less than 5 because of odd behavior!
!!Adop kills all DB sessions in cutover phase!!
Adop phase=cleanup cleanup_mode=full followed by adop phase=fs_clone.
1366187.1 - all the log files
Cannot run adadmin in run fs while adop cycle is open, but can do it in patch fs!
AD/TXK delta.7 - Has a lot of good changes, even talked about in the TechStack SIG!
Can I test my code in the patch fs?  No!
Admin and transaction tasks get slower with too many editions, around 20-30 editions at least so clean it up constantly

Getting Optimal Performance From Oracle E-Business Suite - Samer Barakat with Oracle

2125596.1 - The entire presentation is listed here at this MOS note, so go there because there were quite a few note IDs that I missed because he usually gives this talk in 2 hours so he was going pretty fast!


Reduce load on the DB server - avoid blind queries, provide selective criteria in find windows/LOVs so they can use indexes!
Minimize network traffic and form open times!
Size middle tier for concurrency - JVMs and Forms both!
40 MB is average memory used by each frmweb session - interesting, did not know that!
E22950 Guide for sizing
He had something on a slide about PCP and not automatically failover based on your setup, which I need to re-read and send over to our DBAs because I think our CMs need manual intervention here too!
Manage CM jobs lifecycle, CM Managers, CM Schedules, CM State Data!
842850.1 - I shared that in my presentation!
Inode and new environment APPLLDM
Concurrent manager reports have a new parameter SHELF_LIFE to tell what purge schedule to use!!
As in the previous session 20 editions is the threshold and what is actually slowing down in the system?  HWM issues!


Only SGA benefits from Huge pages, not PGA (I think for just Exadata)
Pin top SQL if needed.
Check for cursor leaks!
Gather Application Stats!
1586374.1 - gathering stats
FND_STATS.LOAD_XCLUD_TAB - Allows you to exclude a table from being gathered and this should be useful for us because we do have a table that gets purged and then has stats gathered on it at the wrong time while empty!
Gather dictionary stats after major changes!
1472716.1 - hot files in ExaLogic
1965343.1 In-Memory Advisor
Transactional, transient, reference/seed - different types of data!
FACT: More than 80% of data is inactive!!
Purge Portal - Make sure you know about this and use it!
554539.1 - 200+ tables partitioned out of the box!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

COLLABORATE16: Day 2 (and lots of Me!)

Database Security - Case Study for Enterprise License Features - @aprilcsims

Oracle External Password Store - something worth looking into so you do not need to put passwords in clear text or pass them around.
Some features in Advanced Security Option now moved to Enterprise License (and free) because of Cloud encryption needs.
271825.1 - Passwords "Is the password encrypted when I logon"
Wireshark can see scripts in plain text if there is no encryption!
Database auditing - table privileges, system privileges, logon/logoff trigger- AUDIT SESSION WHENEVER NOT SUCCESSFUL is the base you need to start with.
dba_stmt_audit_opts - a new table I did not know about!
1299033.1, 553225.1
LogRotate on Linux - this might be worthwhile for our environment!
Open Source product LogSearch lets you collate log files for analysis later.
Use orapki to create the wallet with -auto_login_local so it can't be transferred to another server!
1114599.1 testing the wallet on another server
Sqlnet.ora parameter WALLET_LOCATION
Dead Connection Detection - zero length packets being dropped by the new Cisco router!
Some Unified Auditing is on with a fresh 12c DB installation so check v$options!

Blogging: The How and Why to Propel Your Career -

You may ask yourself "why are you going to a session on blogging if you already blog?" and that would be a great question but I think there is always room for improvement in all things so I went to several sessions during the conference on this topic to try and pick up new tips or tricks that can make me deliver better content to my readers.

Craig redesigned his website to focus on Oracle performance because he had a site that was not focused at all and it was difficult to decide what to do.
The plan: making the best decision, getting started, what to write about, tuning your blog.
Are you interested in blogging?  You can download this from soon!
Blogging takes time, so WHY do it?  Help others, help yourself, career goals - OracleACE, independent consultant, business owner, shift in career path, career development.
A blog is your living resume
"Inbound marketing"
What you can expect: perceived as an authority, develop a following, think a question through to completion, become a better writer and communicator, increased conference participation, develop thicker skin, encouragement (from readers) is a life giving.
Turned comments off - this was interesting to me, and made me think a bit!
Define your objectives: be honest about your market and impress them, do not do it just to be famous.
Measure your objectives: views, clicks and downloads, email volume, conference invites, career objectives, recognition, registrations for on-site training, memberships, consulting work.
Purposefully design your blog: reflection of you, aligns with objectives, easy to read, easy to be found, easy to migrate, easy to change format, easy to build content.
Choosing a platform: hubspot, wordpress, blogger, build your own.
Learn to create basic graphics - a good tip that I took away, and something I have heard in another arena and an obvious weakness in my armor.
How often to post?  Once a week, keep content size and scope very small 3:1 rule, break up larger topics into a series, mix "how it works" to "how to do" - this ws pretty interesting too, because when I fail to post I see it as a failure but Craig seems to be saying to reduce the amount of content so you do not burn out.
What to write about?  Watch and listen to what others are interested about, write what you have already written about, what interests you, what other people are wondering about (Cloud anybody?)
Tuning your blog, pictures, sign up, latest/popular posts, charts, video - all great tips to take away!
SEO: be easy to be found, be the answer to the question, create a title as if solving a problem, use Google to suggest titles, repeat key words in your post, content is king - don't try to fool Google.
Make it enjoyable, spacing easier to read!
Search "inbound Marcus" for an ebook about the topic.

Analyzing Oracle Workflow Data for Increased System Performance - Me!

Right after lunch can be a difficult spot to be in, but I was pleasantly surprised when about 20 people showed up and seemed to be enjoying the session!  They even asked some really good questions which should give me some good ideas for the next version of this presentation.

OAUG Workflow SIG Meeting - Various (and Me!)

Check out the website for the presentation that John Peters put together!
We also had a visit from Oracle and they demoed the Mobile approval solution which was great!  I am thinking about trying to lead a project to get this going at work, that is how great it looks!!
Oh, and I am a Board Member of this SIG as well now!  I do not know what title or role, but I am there!

E-Business Suite R12: Application Lessons Learned for Support and Implementers - Me!

Even though there were about 100 people that had showed interest in this in the application, I was REALLY surprised when I had around 40 people show up for this session!  I did get time to add some new information to the presentation, even something I have not blogged about yet, and was able to cover all of the content in 46 minutes (obviously shooting for 45 so I was happy) with a lot of people writing MOS notes down or making notes about some of the project lessons that came from our experience (and did not have MOS notes)!

Deep Dive into the Internals of a SELECT Statement -

I was really interested to get a lot more on this topic after the session I had the day before that was all talking about finding out when a parse is hard, soft, soft hard, or harder soft, if you are having issues running a SQL statement and while I did not get as much out of it as I thought, I really was inspired to start digging deeper into the internals!

Cursorttrace level 580, address <hash_value from v$sql>
Oradebug setmypid
Oradebug set library_cache 4
obj$, tab$, ind$, seg$, objauth$ - Data Dictionary information
10053 trace shows a lot of this data
x$bh is the buffer header structure